Tips Roller

The best rollers are the ones that doesn’t have any horizontal/vertical play. These are the ball-bearing type rollers. Try using the bushing type rollers as an alternative as long as the bushings fit snugly on the rollers to minimize horizontal/vertical play. During practice time try not using any rubber on the front rollers as much as possible so as not to sacrifice speed specially during turns. The sharp edges of the rollers will handle the gripping on the tracks just fine. But if your car keeps on flying off the tracks, put the rubber back. Bending the side extension roller mounts forward also helps the car stay on the tracks. But overly bending them also makes the car fly off the tracks so make sure to make the adjustments very little at a time. Putting rubber on the rear rollers makes the car slower during turns and waves. You may also consider this a point of adjustment for your car. Here are two tables to recap the information mentioned above. For those who learn in a more visual manner, this may make it easier to decide which is best for your situation.

Ini adalah bagian yang paling penting, Roller, semakin baik roller maka semakin kencang mobil. untuk penggunaannya roller kecil besar sedang dapat dilihat disini


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