Untuk Seorang Teman yang Sangat Berharga

Why do many people wanted to be friends with me?, So some must be ignored. Was it profitable, whether because I was too weak to be used, if I was too popular, if I was too nice, if I blalalala. But because I was EXPENSIVE .. Wow .. and I wanted to be friends with people who EXPENSIVE, too, so be one EXPENSIVE so many people want to be your friend

Iqbal Abuginda


The Lord is wise, He is very creative to give my friends without LABEL PRICE. Because if He did that I would not be able to pay for a friend as expensive as YOU.

Tantri Lestari


True friends will never know the “profit and loss” friendship is a precious simplicity that we can accept what they are always there in times we need but not everyone can be faithful friend and sincere

Icha Eliza


2 Responses to “Untuk Seorang Teman yang Sangat Berharga”

  1. keren khan kata2ku..?? cece gitu lhoh.. hahahahaha.. ><

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