Super Mini 4WD Special Selection Vol.1

The Famous Anime Machines Return A selection of Super Mini 4WD machines are included in this limited edition box set. These five vehicles are all famous machines used by the main characters from Hajime Tokuda’s manga “Kaze no Resa Otokogi,” which was serialized in a monthly manga magazine published by Shogakukan.

■Liberty Emperor

This machine was used by the main character of the popular manga. The Super 1 chassis is used and features rollers with rubber rings as well as a super counter gear.

■Tom Ghody Special

Tom Ghody was a character in the manga who was associated with the fire element, and his car was painted red accordingly. It’s body shell features two distinctive air intakes and is mounted on the Super 1 chassis.

■Shao Bai Ron

Featured in a spin-off series of the manga, the Shao Bai Ron’s design emphasizes aerodynamics. Its gold-colored body with purple and yellow highlights makes it an eye-catching Super 1 chassis machine.

■Big Bang Ghost

Also featured in the spin-off series of the manga, this machine belonged to the character Baron Ghost and features a unique V-shaped wing. The low-profile body is mounted on a high-performance Super 1 chassis. 

■Liberty Emperor Black Special

This is a special color variation of the Liberty Emperor, with its stylish black body shell further complimented by gun-metal wheels.

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