Jual Yoyo Auldey Blazing Teen 3

PRICE list yoyo AULDEY Blazing Teen 3
harga untuk reseller minim ambil 3
(untuk gambar silakan klik)

Regal Speed Rp. PM
Grey Fox Rp. PM
Shooting Star Rp. PM
Wind Surfer Rp. PM
outlander Rp. 25.000,-
Liamvers n jackyvers Rp. 40.000,-
Bipolar Rp. 70.000 Blue, Green, Pink
Dragon Slayer, Deserteagle, MIRAGE Rp. 100rb
Centauru s, Thunder s, Lone Wolf, Neptune Rp. 140.000,-
Koper Yoyo Auldey Rp. 95.000,-
Bearing Yoyo Auldey Rp.
YOYO string Rp. 13.000,-

berminat? PM or sms ke 085730834304 / 082139654917

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